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We are a Marketing Intelligence company with a deep strategic and tactical mindset. We have more than 20 years of experience in Mexico and Latin America.

We are evaluated amongst the largest and strongest in Latin America.

Factibilidad de negocios


Factibilidad de negocios

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Factibilidad de negocios


Factibilidad de negocios

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We have a qualified group of investigators
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41 countries
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Countries with high experience:

• Canadá
• US
• México
• Guatemala
• Costa Rica
• Panamá
• Puerto Rico
• Dominican Republic
• Colombia
• Ecuador
• Perú
• Brazil
• Chile
• Uruguay
• Paraguay
• Argentina
• Spain
• UK
• China
• Russia
• Antilles

Our Talent


Laura Ruvalcaba

With a university degree in Mathematics from ITAM, Laura started her career in the field of quantitative research. After nearly 10 years, her entrepreneurial spirit led her to co-found BRAIN in 1998, alongside Abraham Nadelsticher, propelling it to become one of the strongest companies in Mexico.
Laura has been a member of Chapter One Mexico in WPO (Women's Presidents Organization), served on the council of AMAI, and represented ESOMAR in Mexico.
She invested in her education in various ways, including being a part of IPADE. Laura has also taught classes at ITAM and participated in various seminars in Mexico, the Americas, and Europe.

Business Intelligence

Verónica is a Marketing professional by trade and has been a researcher for as long as she can remember. She was honored with two Excellence Awards at her alma mater, the first as a student for achieving the highest GPA in her generation, and the second as an Academic Officer when she served as Director of the Bachelor's program. Throughout her career, she has always combined her greatest passions: learning and teaching. In addition to her work in developing methodologies and business intelligence consulting, she has furthered her professional education in the classrooms of IPADE (having completed the Advanced Management Program a couple of years ago). Verónica has also taught at the university level and in various diploma programs. Year after year, she is part of the select group of professionals who serve as EFFIE judges in the Mexico chapter.


Liliana Perdomo
Business Intelligence

She holds a degree in Psychology from Universidad Javeriana in Cali, Colombia, and a Master's in Marketing from Universidad ICESI in Colombia. Additionally, she has completed a diploma in applied statistics for market research.
With over 15 years of experience, she has held managerial positions in various market research companies in both Colombia and Mexico.
She began her career in the qualitative research field at a young age and later transitioned to become a project leader for national projects in Colombia. In 2004, she moved to Mexico to take on managerial roles in the quantitative research area for different market research agencies. She has held various positions, including Director of syndicated and continuous studies, Director of global accounts, and Director of business units for national and multinational clients.
Currently, she serves as Director of Business Intelligence and also as a speaker in diploma programs within her area of expertise.

Mauricio Ruvalcaba
International Affairs

A graduate in Industrial Engineering, Mauricio brings 15 years of experience to Brain, specializing in quantitative research. He has held various positions within the company, starting as an analyst and progressing to become the coordinator of international projects, ultimately overseeing the international division of the company.
Throughout his extensive career at Brain, he has coordinated and supervised hundreds of international studies, consistently exceeding client needs and expectations. Mauricio is known for his meticulous approach to each project he undertakes.
Having lived and worked in Canada for 7 years, he had the opportunity to immerse himself in new cultures, which greatly enhanced his interpersonal relationships, communication skills, and linguistic knowledge. As a result, he is now trilingual, proficient in Spanish, English, and French.


Rosalba Ponce

A natural questioner from birth and driven by curiosity, for over a decade, Market Research has allowed her to explore this aspect of her personality.
Graduating from the Universidad Madero in Puebla in 2006, she has dedicated herself to Market Research for more than 10 years, specializing in implementing technological tools in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies.
Over the past 3 years, she has focused on developing and adapting virtual and augmented reality for marketing purposes, digital platforms, and marketing technology (MarTech) development.

Fabiola Guzmán
Business Intelligence

Fabiola has 14 years of experience in market research, primarily in the qualitative area. She has developed strategic research tools based on design thinking for the creation of image designs, prototypes, concepts, and product innovation.
Fabiola has also been a speaker at ESOMAR events and AMAI workshops on the design of new methodologies, moderation, and youth-focused research.