Digital Room

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It is a unique digital platform with hybrid Quali-Quanti dynamics in real time.
The following advantages make it stand out:

  • Quantitative representativeness: enabling accurate decision making for your brand.
  • Qualitative representativeness: with open and direct questions for consumers in real time where your brand generates concrete information to take action.
  • You can get connected remotely, ask and have access to the platform to visualize previous results.
  • Your connection is in real time while the dynamic takes place and you can ask questions through the online moderators.
  • “Pines” system allows evaluations of specific elements indicating if something needs to change.
  • Speed: 48hrs (main KPIs quantitative and/or flash after survey ends) and a complete report that includes a qualitative analysis 72hrs after the KPIs are delivered.
  • Improves the cost-benefit relation as it is a dynamic that integrates representativeness and depth in a single moment, optimizing your budget.
  • Can include multiple countries in a single session.
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Digital Room Innovation

Innovation process that can start with an idea and end with the definition of a concept, product, and/or packaging, in a single session. Different client key players can participate in the session.

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Digital Room Packaging

Packaging evaluation for products or services through the “pines” technique which generates actionability specific in packaging elements with a Qualitative depth. Your results will be comparable against quantitative parameters in the main KPIs.

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Digital Room Concept: Evaluation

Evaluation of stimuli, phrases, ideas, complete concepts with hybrid Quanti-Quali dynamics, goes in depth to optimize your concept at the end of the dynamic, obtain comparative parameters in key quantitative KPIs such as Purchase Intent and Overall Evaluation, among others.

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Digital Room Campaign Test

Evaluates in detail a publicity campaign in any format, whether it is before or after launch. Helps you understand the campaign evaluation which generates strong learnings about the impact and improvement.
Different client or agency key players can participate.


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The objective of UX experts is to ensure an extraordinary user experience and the product quality is the culmination for this experience in a UX project.

This type of usability testing help the product teams understand and optimize the user flows and the experience design to obtain results about:

Lay-out effectiveness
Visual Design
Usability factors and metrics

UX Research is not only thinking about aesthetic improvements on digital products, our approach is about the relevance that the user gives to the digital product; the usability it has for users and developing digital products that are aligned with business objectives.

Our tools appeal to the different development stages of the product to evaluate.

UX Tools

Qual Digital Dive

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It is an online interactive methodology that allows us to have a fluid dynamic where participants, the moderator and the client can easily access and collaborate in real time.
The target under analysis meet, who for several days (2 to 5) will be active on the platform, answering the different topics related to the research through the guidance of a moderator.


  • Visual resources (photos or videos) are added to the exploration.
  • Participants have freedom as they respond when it is convenient for them during their day.
  • The moderator can delve deeper into the responses of each participant as much as is necessary.
  • The client can follow the dynamics.
  • The digital platform allows for everything from debates to private messages.

Qual Digital Dive Tools

  • The BB has 11 intuitive and potent tools to design studies based on playful activities that involve participants such as:
    • Open-ended questions
    • Collage
    • Pins
    • Photo tasks
    • Video task.